The tiny house movement is exploding, with all new breathtaking and ingenious designs appearing all over the world. What’s not to get excited about!

This is simply the easiest solution to provide affordable and simplified living for all. Whether you’re a student or enjoying the retired life, we can wholeheartedly guarantee that our tiny homes will not disappoint you.

We, like many, have noticed the uprising property crisis appearing for many all over Australia and strived to find a way to provide a cost effective alternative to those in need of a place to call home. Unfortunately, the dream to own your own home in the great land down under has become near impossible, and those who already have their own mortgages find themselves struggling to pay down their loans with the constant increases in interest rates.

That is where we come in!

Here at Equity Plus, we can provide you with fantastic living alternatives with some of our models starting from just $86,000! We are one of THE most cost effective tiny home businesses out there on the market right now, with most other companies starting their base model prices from $100,000. We can do it better.

What’s more? Our tiny homes area great investment. Purchasing one of our tiny homes will greatly benefit investors in the long run with the rental return alone! Our tiny homes entirely outstrip residential housing, the share market and long term deposits by a mile. With residential property returns sitting at a mere 5%, long term deposits at a 4% return, and share markets being a bit better with an average of 8-12% return. Our tiny homes can provide you with a very attractive 13-16% return on your investment! 

Our tiny homes sit on steel-frame trailers with convenience in mind so that they can be easily moved and relocated as needed. The trailer design allows the home to be recognised and approved as a completely mobile, portable caravan. That means you can avoid all the red tape of development approvals surrounding applications and permits and builders requirements. Being classified as a caravan, this eliminates all the complications that come with placing a “fixed structure” on your property. All of this has been taken into consideration to make sure your tiny home process is entirely stress and hassle free.

We work with you to create your very own tiny home design, completely customised to suit your desired tastes and needs. We have a range of design plans that our team can work through with you to create the home of your dreams. You will be entirely involved in the process from beginning to end. From creating and designing through to the final delivery of your tiny home.

Contact us today at equityplusaustralia@gmail.com or call Craig 0400701380 to start designing your very own tiny home. Additionally, you can email us with any questions or enquiries you have and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they are able.

We look forward to building your dream with you.